10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

Well, you’re here because you’ve probably found yourself sitting on the fence and can’t decide which angle grinder would suit you. But, don’t worry, coz this best angle grinder reviews gives you an in-depth overlook of ten of the best options to go with.

In the process, we recommend what’s right for you, particularly in terms of what fits your exact needs.

You can sit tight as we break down each angle grinder.

But, if you find this article a long read, you can simply go with our recommended option - the Dewalt DCG413B, which comes with lots of amazing features. Let’s have a look.

Best Angle Grinders - An Unbiased Review

1.  DEWALT DCG413B Angle Grinder

10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

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This grinder is an all-rounder and perfect for someone looking for versatility. You can actually use it with 4½ inch wheels, and even alternate with both 5 and 4 inch wheels.

We actually tested it with diamond cutting wheels, and it worked perfectly. 

Although most angle grinders are more or less somewhat similar in terms of features, the DCG413B is very unique. Its 9000 RPM is a rare feat to achieve, which makes it one of the most powerful grinders out there.

The best thing about the motor is that it can work long hours without requiring any maintenance. This is augmented by the fact that the grinder is brushless (doesn’t need change of brushes, thus increasing efficiency).

One other unique feature of the DeWalt 20V 9000 RPM grinder is the steel guard, which is of type 27 and is adjustable to operate in any direction. This makes your work easier.

For easier maintenance, the grinder has been designed for easy accessibility to its gearbox, whereby you just have to remove its shroud, and that’s it!

Better yet, it has a mesh-like vent that helps cool down the motor. This also minimizes dust particles from damaging the grinder’s machinery parts. Its trigger also comes covered by a boot, which further prevents debris from entering into it.

Some other safety measures include a kickback brake system, which stops the machine when it operates at a max force and a pinch or clutch has been sensed. This is a great addition to the grinder, and one of the reasons we chose it as our recommendable option.   

Basically, the DeWalt DCG413B comes with lots of safety measures without sacrificing its performance. For instance, the angle grinder has a two-stage trigger system. This allows you to activate a small trigger before pressing the paddle. Again, this avoids further accidental triggering of the grinder.


  • Easy to handle with butylene-rubber overmold, which makes it grippy
  • A mesh-like vent cools the motor
  • Designed to prevent debris from entering its machinery parts
  • A great battery life of about 12 minutes of non-stop cutting, which is pretty amazing
  • The tool is quiet yet very efficient with its versatile cutting needs


  • It comes as a “bare” grinder, meaning that you’ll have to buy DeWalt batteries separately

2.  Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder

10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

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The Makita brand is known to always go the whole nine yards to make sure customers are fully satisfied. For instance, this particular grinder comes with extra grinding wheels and a brush - something you’d never see with other brands.

When testing it with various materials, we were impressed by its ease-of-use. The Makita 9557PBX1 is not only simple with its controls, but it also comes with a Lock-On switch, which allows for a smooth and continuous operation.

Basically, you don’t have to worry about confusing buttons. This type of switch is much safer than the slider switches, whereby you don’t have to slide the batteries to switch the grinder off.

When it comes to compactness, the Makita 4½ Cut-Off angle grinder has an amazing grip, courtesy of its small diameter at the handle. This gives it enough control over vibrations.

With such grip and sturdiness, it’s no rocket science that the Makita 9557PBX1 is equally durable. That is, the grinder has a labyrinth design, whereby its motor and bearings have been sealed such that debris and dust can’t find a way in. 

Still on durability, the grinder boasts of aluminum casing, which withstands harsh treatments, thus boosting longevity.

Finally, we loved the fact that you can actually interchange between AC and DC power sources. There’s a switch at the side of the motor’s housing that allows to make the switch.


  • Features a powerful 7.5 Amp motor for higher performance 
  • Comes with a thick and high-quality cord to protect it from wear and tear
  • Labyrinth construction guarantees durability
  • Operates using paddle switch, which is comfortable and reduces risks of accidents coz there isn’t sliding of batteries to witch on or off
  • Makita 9557PBX1 comes with a special seal to protect motors from debris and dust


  • The only real downside about this grinder is that it’s fairly heavy (4.5 lbs). Still, for occasional use, it’s a great grinder available at a reasonable price.

3.  DEWALT DWE402K Angle Grinder Tool

10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

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Now, if you’re an average DIYer and you’d like something that screams professionalism, then the DeWalt DWE402K is perfect for you. It’s a heavy-duty grinder that’s both powerful and accurate.

Its 11-Amp motor spins more than 11,000 RPM, which cuts and removes materials very efficiently.

As a professional, you’ll love DeWalt’s simplicity. It comes installed with a one-touch guard that makes it easier to operate, especially in tight spaces. Its Lock-On switch also augments its simplicity to use, because it prevents any accidental starts.

Being a “for professionals” grinder, you would expect it to be a heavy tool. Well, we were surprised too. The Dewalt DWE402K weighs only 7.7 lbs, which is a fairly good weight compared to the power it offers. 

Better yet, the tool also doesn’t vibrate that much, even though its max wattage is 1400W. This is an incredible feat for the DeWalt brand. I mean, the brand is renowned for its highly effective tools.

Its overall weight is further minimized by its shorter cord - just 6 feet. However, this might be a turn-off for some people. Nonetheless, the short cord is worth the tradeoff.

Some of the extra features include a spindle lock, which helps with deeper cuts. The Dewalt DWE402K angle grinder also has an overheating protection, thus enabling you to work longer hours without feeling like you’ve overused the tool. 


  • Comes with a Shocks Active Vibration, which is a technology designed to curb vibrations without losing efficiency
  • Designed to be the right choice for overhead applications
  • You don’t have to worry about dust and debris, thanks to its Dust Extraction feature
  • Comfortable and operates smoothly on your hands


  • A few complaints on being too huge for an average hand. But that’s why it’s perfect for professionals

4.  Metabo - 5" Variable Speed Angle Grinder 

10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

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One thing that catches your eyes is its design. Of course, it looks attractive and very noticeable. But, what we came to realize when testing the Metabo 5” angle grinder is that, beyond its cool design, the tool comes installed with very useful features.

Most of its parts are quickly removable. For example, you only need a touch of a button to make change-outs, thanks to the grinder’s tool-less M-Quick disc feature.

This increases productivity and reduces your work time significantly. Hence a perfect grinder for professionals (and even home users) looking to save time.

As if that’s not enough, the Metabo 5 Inch grinder also features a technology that enables it to intelligently sense and adjust speed, especially under heavy load. This is something that’s missing in other brands.

So, if you fancy amazing technological inclusion in an angle grinder, well, you gotta try the Metabo 5 Variable Speed grinder.

The manufacturers of the Metabo 5” were very considerate in taking safety measures solemnly. Its S-automatic torque limiter and the tool-less adjustable guard are meant to not only improve efficiency, but to also guarantee your safety. This way, all you gotta worry about is completing your grinding task. 

Also, its auto-stop feature is a great addition, especially if you’ve got children lurking around your working area (even though they shouldn’t). An even better inclusion to Metabo’s features is the vibration-absorption handle, which minimizes hand fatigue.

If you are left-handed, the Metabo 5” 15-125 Quick grinder comes with a 90-degree rotating gear, which permits for easy cutting.


  • Renowned for its powerful motors and higher torque
  • Features a safety slip clutch, which prevents kick-back thus stabilizing speed
  • Designed to last many years
  • Handle absorbs vibrations and minimizing hand fatigue
  • 90-degree rotating gear is perfect for left-handed users


  • Switch tends to break, albeit very rarely. However, the machines comes with a 3-year warranty and you can always contact Metabo grinders customer care for any assistance

5.  DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2-inch 11-amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

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One can argue that this best angle grinder was designed for specific use in tighter spaces. The grinder fits its use in other areas as well. It’s only that the Dewalt DWE402 is compact enough to squeeze itself into spaces that are very tight.

The grinder comes fitted with a next generation 11-Amp motor that runs up to 11,000 RPM. Despite its high rpm, the grinder is very stable and comfortable on your hands. You don’t have to worry about fatigued hands due to excessive vibrations.

When testing it out, we were impressed by its dust ejection capability. This doesn’t just help you keep your working space clean, but it also helps the motor to hold up over time.

In terms of safety, the grinder has a handguard that rotates over and around the entire tool. This offers protection from any possible sparks and/or debris. The grinder also comes with a casing for protection and easier transportation.

While using it in tight spaces, you’ll most probably appreciate its quick-change wheel, which is easy to release. At the same time, you’ll love its safety lock-off switch, which, as expected, prevents accidental start-ups. Its paddle switch also comes in handy.

In essence, the Dewalt DWE402 delivers great performance whereby its tower of strength is its compactness and design that fits into some of the tightest and smallest spaces. Also, we found it very comfortable to use.


  • Has an amazing dust ejection capability
  • Boasts of a compact design for tighter spaces
  • Great and amazing with quick-change wheels
  • Features a handguard that offers protection and safety
  • Has enhanced grinding of metal, thanks to its 360-degree grinding arc
  • Side handle is adjustable hence easier and faster hand movement


  • If you’re a novice with grinders, expect to experience some over-grinding

6.  Milwaukee 2780 Grinder

10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

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Well, this happens to be the first best cordless grinder. Rarely do we see cordless angle grinders, but the Milwaukee 2780-20 proved to us that you can actually operate an RPM of up to 8500 with batteries.

Being a cordless tool, you’d think that its performance wouldn’t be at par. You’re wrong. The tool performs with the same power and vigor as a corded angle grinder. And yeah, it’s a heavy-duty grinder.

It operates on Milwaukee batteries that stay working just long enough to make sure you’ve completed your task. Despite being battery operable, the Milwaukee M18 5” grinder uses a brushless motor, which makes use of steady power until the battery runs out.

As someone who appreciates a great design, I particularly loved its slim design, which was strategically made so to help the grinder balance on the hands.

Again, you’ll be surprised by the maximum power this grinder offers. The Milwaukee 2780-20 can complete some of the toughest surfaces, which is attributed to its brushless motor.

When testing the grinder, we realized that it didn’t waste downtime. And this is because of its tool-less system of changing accessories. One extra thing worth mentioning is its anti-vibration handle, meaning you don’t have to worry about hand fatigue.

Milwaukee’s battery’s operational longevity is augmented by its clutch system, which allows for controlled power output. So, again, you get a pretty amount of battery life with the grinder.


  • Delivers 4 times more run time and a 20 percent more power
  • Has paddle lock switch
  • Designed to enhance comfort on your hands
  • Brushless motor helps boost efficiency
  • Manufactured using best cordless angle grinder technology.
  • Disk changing system is tool-less


7.  Makita GA7021 7" Angle Grinder

10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

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If you’re looking for something that’s gonna fulfill high-volume demands of work, especially in an industrial setting, then this grinder is what you need.

As a brand, Makita is reputable for coming up with high-end products yet affordable to most people. And the GA7021 isn’t an exception. The grinder is as genuine and high-end as it comes.

With a 15-Amp motor, the Makita 7” AC/DC ranks as one of the topmost powerful angle grinders in the market. It comes with lots of seals to protect the motor and its various innerworkings; thus guaranteeing durability.

The Makita GA7021 comes with an ergonomic grip and an AC/DC switch that’s gonna let you alternate power sources. This comes in handy in different occasions and situations.

Just like most grinders we’ve mentioned in this review, this grinder features a tool-less wheel adjustment, which results in an easy clamping.

During the testing process, the Makita GA7021 left a mark on us. We were specifically impressed by its spiral bevel gear, whose sole functionality is to deliver smooth rotation, which in turn guarantees an efficient transmission.

In summary, the Makita GA7021 is both a simple and powerful tool. It delivers consistency with no slip-ups or any other issues whatsoever. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds - simplicity and efficiency.


  • Has the capability to handle high volumes of work
  • Features an internal labyrinth design, preventing dust and debris from damaging its innerworkings
  • Side handle is adjustable in three different positions
  • The grinder is rubbery to protect workpieces from damage
  • Boasts of a unique spiral bevel gear that ensures a smooth rotation
  • Large rubber tool rest protects workpiece from damage
  • Zig-zag varnish protects the grinder’s armature coil from dust and debris


  • Since some of its parts are made of plastic, you should expect breakages, so set yourself for some replacements

8.  Bosch 1375A 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

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We all know that Bosch is a household name, and therefore we should always expect high-quality products, most of which you can acquire without necessarily breaking the bank.

As expected, the Bosch 1375A 4½ is both powerful and durable, and can cut through any material (tile, rebar, stucco, etc.). 

The very first thing you notice with this grinder is its comfortability on your hand. This way, when grinding it out, you get to have control over its grip such that it stays steady.

Its lightweightness (just 3.75 lbs) enables you to work on it as long as you can imagine. This also means no sore arms and wrists.

Despite being lightweight, the Bosch 1375A comes installed with a 6-Amp motor, which warrants a no-load of 11,000 rpm. When we tested the tool, it was amazing how it withstood vibrations. All through the grinding, its grip was perfect and felt really comfortable on the hands. 

For further comfort, the tool features a 2-position side handle, which helps you power through any grinding task. Its switch system is lock-on, which eases the grinder’s functionality.

With Bosch 1375A 4½ grinder, there is no need of holding down buttons just to keep it running. Rather, it has a lock-on switch, which makes sure things are running continuously.

Bosch’s products in general are compact and efficient, and the main targeted users aren’t just metal workers, but also plumbers, car fabricators, and an everyday DIYer. This shows the grinder’s versatility.


  • Amazingly withstands vibrations
  • So powerful and can cut through any material
  • Very lightweight, at only 3.75 lbs
  • Side handle has dual positioning thus allowing for a seamless and smooth operating experience
  • Its lock-on switch system helps keep grinding process moving
  • A great choice if you’re looking for comfortable grip


  • Being lightweight, you should expect some vibrations

9.  BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool (BDEG400)

10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

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Right off the bat, the grinder looks like it can last for many years. And when we tested it, it proved so. Everything works seamlessly and it delivers enough power for grinding.

Although its 10,000 rpm isn't as high as comparable to other grinders, the Black + Decker BDEG400 makes up with its durability. Still, the 10,000 rpm is still powerful enough to grind any metal thrown its way.

Talking of durability, the grinder comes with a metal gear casing where you can keep it safe whenever you don’t need it. This guarantees the grinder’s long life by protecting the grinder’s internal components.

When testing out the grinder, we noticed it offered enough control and comfort, which is attributed to its 3-positioning side handle. The side handle also helps in maintaining a desired angle for longer, thus cutting down work time.

As expected, the Black + Decker 4½ grinder comes with a spindle lock, thus ensuring convenience whenever you wanna change discs. The lock-on switch also doesn’t interfere with its performance.

The Black + Decker BDEG400 has a fairly narrow design that’s accessible to tighter spaces. Its design also makes it comfortable to use.


  • Comes with a metal casing for better storage and durability
  • Offers enough comfort and control over its grip
  • Features a spindle lock for easier changing of discs
  • A fairly narrow design to access tight spaces  


  • A little bit heavy
  • Other than spanner wrench and grinding wheel, there aren’t other accessories to mention

10.  PORTER-CABLE PC60TPAG 4.5" Angle Grinder

10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed10 Best Angle Grinders For 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

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Small, simple, compact and lightweight. That’s a perfect combo for basic grinding. When unpacking, the angle grinder looks miniature-like and you can tell that it’s meant for simple, easy stuff.

Nonetheless, it still performs perfectly well, with the same power as most top-notch grinders in the market. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity coz the Porter-Cable PC60TPAG is just as aggressive and as powerful.

The good thing about its simpleness is that you can easily store it anywhere. And even easily move around with it whenever you’re travelling or something like that.

With a 7-Amp motor, the grinder carries enough power to fix through any fix-ups. All this time, it provides amazing user control over its grip. The handle fits your hands perfectly and doesn’t lose grasp.

We loved its tool-free guard, which allows you to make quick and fast guard adjustments. This saves you lots of working time.

Weighing almost 4 lbs, it’s one of the lightest grinders in the market. And this makes it easy to move, use and hold as you work around small spaces. It gets through tough materials, with the contribution of the 7-amp motor, which offers extra force.


  • Very versatile and a good option for welders, masons and fabricators
  • 7-amp motor is both hefty and powerful enough to run 11,000 rpm
  • Comes with a cast metal for ample protection and storage of the machine, therefore enhances longevity
  • Handle doesn’t lose grasp, and is very comfortable


  • Since it’s made of metal, expect some overheating

What to Look For When Buying the Best Angle Grinders

After checking out the aforementioned best angle grinder reviews, and you still feel like you’re still grappling with which specific to choose, then it’s probably better to ask yourself a few questions.

You need to know your specific needs. Is it a grinder’s power that you are looking for? Or is it weight? Or maybe you just want something that has an average performance overall.

Well, let’s take you through some of the questions you may ask yourself before finally settling on one specific angle grinder.

  • What’s The Grinder’s Performance In Terms of Power?

This should always be the very first thing to check. Depending on the tasks at hand, you can either opt for heavy-duty grinders or lightweight options meant for basic DIY tasks.

Obviously, a powerful grinder means great performance. However, this isn’t applicable in all situations. There are some grinders that are installed with powerful motors yet their performance isn’t up to par, mainly because they vibrate a lot. 

Don’t just go ahead and buy an angle grinder simply because its motor power reads higher figures. Instead, it’s advisable to check out other features, like its vibration, blade size and RPM (revolutions per minute).

Still, it’s important to go with a grinder whose power is 6-amp or higher. Anything lower than that isn’t powerful enough, even for basic tasks. 

  • What’s The Blade Size? 

There are different blades for different materials, and for different cuts. Therefore, check if the grinder comes with different blade options. Some grinders even come without blades, whereby you’ll be required to buy separately - although this is very rare. So, be cautious.

When it comes to blade sizes, you need to know the kinds of materials you’ll be dealing with most frequently. For instance, larger-sized blades are good when cutting larger surface areas.   

On the other hand, smaller blades are great at cutting on small and tight spaces. If you’re still unsure, then you can always go with the 4½ inch blade, which is the industry’s average.  

  • What’s The Motor RPM?

A grinder’s RPM tells us the number of spins the blade is gonna make. The more the RPM, the better. Hence, it’s advisable to choose a best angle grinder that can spin as many revolutions as possible.

A grinder whose RPM is 11,000 is much better than a grinder whose motor can spin only 9,000 revolutions per minute. Higher RPM means the blade can cut tougher materials. 

  • Are There Any Available Accessories?

It’s a good thing if an angle grinder features extra accessories that help with its performance and efficiency. Some of these accessories may include guards, wrench, wheels, carrying casing, etc.

Such paraphernalia can come in handy when operating the machine, and thus offers better value for money.

Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer safety, a powerful grinder, durability, or you’re into precision and accuracy. This best angle grinder reviews has made things easier for you and summarized what’s perfect for your liking.

So, you can go ahead and pick what’s right for you, and break a leg with your grinding!

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