10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

If you’re a woodworker, metalworker or an avid household DIYer, you probably have come across a band saw at least at some point. The true craftsmanship lies in the best band saw; because it lets you cut the material into straight, curved or irregular silhouette.

The best band saws overshadow table saws in regard to safety, versatility, and ease of use. Purchasing the best woodworking band saw is key to making your cutting tasks easier and transforming your woodworking experience.

But then again, it might not be that easy to pick a perfect model right off the bat, as more and more manufacturers are jumping onto the band saw crafting bandwagon, overwhelming consumers with a slew of buying choices.

Fortunately, I’ve been privileged to get my hands on dozens of band saws from different brands. Eyes on the prize and read my candid band saws reviews covering the 10 best band saws and what each of them is good for.

If you’re rushing, then you can always go with my recommended option – the Grizzly G0555LX 14” Deluxe Bandsaw. Many owners who I have interrogated consider this floor-standing band saw as a beast of a machine that provides great value –but it also has its fair share of flaws.

OK, let’s get started…

Band Saw Reviews

1.  Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw

10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

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The Grizzly G0555LX is the best 14 inch bandsaw for the money. Although it brags a hefty price tag, this tabletop band saw is the best for resawing in 2020.

Target Users

The G0555LX is a great choice for those of us looking for a more industrial-level band saw. It comes packed with unrivaled power, durability and convenient features for tackling heavy-duty sawing tasks without sacrificing ease of use or precision.

What I Liked?

The G0555LX packs a lot of punch with a 1 HP motor and dual-speed options capable of either 1800 or 31000 FPM. This beast lets you breeze through most cuts.

For enhanced durability, the unit is built entirely of cast iron. The table, frame and wheels are all cast iron, so the band saw can handle practically anything with smooth operation.

The rugged cast iron frame offers enough support to make accurate cuts. Plus, the cast-iron frame makes the machine durable and long lasting.

The 14-inch by 14-inch band saw includes a 3/8-inch blade and a table with sturdy and attractive ball bearing construction.  At 247 pounds, I suppose most people will find it a tad unmanageable, which can be a deal-breaker.

The G0555LX’s 93-1/2-inch blade length provides a maximum cutting capacity of 13 ½ inches wide and 6 inches long. The table bevels 45 degrees to the right and 10 degrees to the left, and a rack-and-pinion guidepost aids in making accurate cuts.

I was delighted to learn that this best tabletop bandsaw is equipped with new computer-balanced aluminum wheels. The upgraded wheels have a rubber coating and their balancing is fully computerized for better precision and ease of use.

These wheels not only allow the machine to deliver supper accurate cuts but also make it incredibly quieter than other saws. The G0555LX has a deluxe aluminum T-shaped fence consisting of a scale with a magnifying window. The fence and miter gauge aid in making straight and curved cuts.

To keep the work area clean while cutting, the unit includes a 4-inch dust port. This dust port allows you to easily connect a vacuum tube and clear all the dust and debris from the workplace.

What’s more, the saw has a heavy-duty stand which lets you set it up at your working height up to 43 inches from the floor. With a table size of 14x14x1.5 inches, this saw gives you plenty of uncompromised working area.

What Could Be Better?

Although I liked its 1 HP/220V motor, I found it to be a little slow compared to other professional tools out there. Also, if you’re going to be moving from place to place, then portability might be an issue, since hauling a 247 pounds saw can be a nightmare.

Nonetheless, with a precision ground cast-iron table, upper and lower ball bearing blade guides and thrust bearings, the Grizzly G0555LX lets you cut various materials with great precision.

2.  WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

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It’s rare to miss out on the 10-inch WEN 3962 in 10 inch band saw reviews across the web. Actually, this is the first band saw I lay my hands on when I was starting out.

Target Users

If you’re looking for the best easy-to-use band saw, look no further than the WEN 3962. Besides including stand and worklight, it offers a 2-speed operation. Its 3.5 amp motor either runs at 1520 FPM or 2620 FPM, so you can select your speed depending on the size of the project.

What I Liked?

I liked the fact that the band saw comes with a heavy-duty 25-inch stand which elevates it high enough for effortless cutting. So, if you’re still a novice in handling band saws, go for none other than this model.

This is slighter smaller than most units in size, but it offers impeccable versatility beyond the two-speed technology. In exact dimensions, the work table measures 14-1/8 x 12-1/2 inch and offers ample freedom of space.

This table tilts up to 45 degrees to the left allowing you to create a variety of extremely powerful and intricate cuts. As one of the best band saws, the WEN 3962 can create cuts up to 6 inches deep and 9-3/4 inches wide.

Depending on the required intricacies, the saw is designed to accept 72-inch long blades ranging anywhere between 1/8 and ½ inches. A full 6-inch resaw capacity as well as a 9-3/4 inch throat capacity allows the WEN to take on impressive sizes of wood.

This model has a flexible worklight for illuminating the worktable for better visibility, accuracy and working experience. Also, it has a 3-in-1 dust port that complements dust collection sizes of 1-3/4, 2-3/4, and 4 inches. The dirt and sawdust is no match for this dust port.

The saw’s aluminum frame is very sturdy and adjustable. Its 10-inch wheels use the ball-bearings technology to guarantee a smoother blade operation and a longer lifespan. An easy-to-use miter gauge is ideal for angular cuts.

What Could Be Better?

The cutting height couldn’t be limited to 6 inches. I think it could’ve been better. Also, the belt calls for frequent readjusting to switch speeds since there is no true 2-speed motor.

All in all though, the WEN 3962 is the best small bandsaw whose ease of use and versatility is unmatched. It’s a perfect choice for starters.  

3.  JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw

10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

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The JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-inch band saw has been updated with innovative features which guarantee reliable power, versatility and precision. Its new frame is rigid enough to handle even the toughest resawing tasks, all without using a riser block.

Target Users

This model is targeted at both amateurs and professionals who prefer great power and versatility. Its 1.25HP 115Volts motor can handle materials measuring up to 12 inches thick and 13.5 inches wide. The built-in retractable blade guard means it can also take on smaller, more intricate pieces.

What I Liked?

There are many things I liked about this table top band saw. First, it uses a super-tough and durable cast iron frame which supports top blade speeds upward of 1500/3000 SFPM.

So, it packs a punch and cuts through various materials quickly. This same frame helps keep the saw steady without the need for a riser block.

A high tension spring design ensures consistency, while the quick-release tension makes adjustments quicker, thus helping you achieve cleaner, more accurate cuts.

The sturdy 15x15-inch work table is wide and bevels 45 degrees right and 10 degrees left. And with a height of 43.5 inches, this table gives you greater flexibility to meet the unique needs of every woodworking project.

What Could Be Better?

At 258lbs, I think that the JET JWBS-14DXPRO is a lot hefty and not ideal for people who shift from one place to another frequently.

Also, sometimes the tension spring doesn’t hold onto wider blades, but this issue normally rectifies itself once you understand how to play with it.

Generally speaking, this band saw brings several features on board, including the blade tracking window, poly-v belt drive, quick adjustment, upper and lower ball bearing guides, etc. All these things make it powerful and precise even for professional use, which is why it’s a bona fide candidate for my woodworking band saws reviews.

4.  DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw

10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

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Most products from DEWALT focus on quality and performance. The DEWALT DWM120K comes with several top-notch features that enhance comfort, precision and performance.

Target Users

This tool is specially designed for professionals whose job entails carrying a band saw from one job site to another. At only 15lbs, it’s the best small band saw for cutting metal and wood.

What I Liked

The DWM120K runs on a 10 amp motor, which backs up speeds ranging from 100 SFM to 350 SFM. The Deep-Cut DEWALT produces a 5-inch deep cut when working with round stock and a 5 x 4-3/4 –inch deep cut when working with rectangular stock.

I enjoyed using its variable speed dial, which facilitates easy and quick selection of the perfect speed matching any given application. This little workhorse can withstand most jobsite abuses without getting damaged or bogged down.

Designed for durability, it uses serviceable steel shroud and rubberized bumpers which enable the saw’s guards to stand up to the abuse. An included LED sight light introduces convenience amid nighttime tasks or in a dark jobsite environment, as it illuminates the area so you can see the cut line.

This band saw is amazing when it comes to comfort and accuracy. It integrates an ergonomic soft grip back handle and an oversized, multi-position front handle. The former helps you achieve a precise grip while the latter ensures adequate hand space and effortless adjustability.

An ample hand space, trouble-free adjustability and precise grip help you achieve more accurate cuts. I liked the saw’s well-balanced body, which contributes to reduced user fatigue.

The DWM120K also comes with an integrated hand hook for hanging the saw securely without damaging its front handle or castings.

What Could Be Better?

The DWM120K is largely great for cutting metals. Technically, it should take on wood too, but I recommend using the right blade to cut a significant amount of wood materials. Also, being a battery-operated band saw, you’ll need to buy the battery and charger separately.

5.  WEN 3959 Benchtop Band Saw

10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

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The WEN 3959 is the best benchtop bandsaw featuring a powerful 2.5-amp motor and a spacious 12 ¼ x 11 ⅞ inch work table. The bench saw’s motor triggers the ¼-inch wide blade to move up and down at a speed of 2500 feet per minute for the best cuts.

Target Users 

This compact and powerful bench top saw is loaded with ideal features for any DIY project. It can slice wood materials up to 3-1/2 inches deep and 9 inches wide.

The table not only gives you enough room to stretch but also tilts up to 45 degrees to the right and entails precision cut stops for the crosscuts.

The tool’s designed to use 59-1/2-inch blades ranging from 1/8 to 3/8 inches in size. Therefore, you’ll be able to create both intricate and extremely powerful cuts.

The WEN 3959 has a 2-1/2-inch dust port which fits most vac hoses to keep your table clean all the time. Also, the unit is comprised of an adjustable blade guard which leaves you with safe works.

Like the other band saws, this one features solid ball-bearings for smooth blade operation and long-lasting lifespan. Finally, the package is inclusive of a miter gauge, a rip fence, and a 2-year warranty.

What Could Be Better? 

During my testing, I noticed the WEN 3959’s miter gauge is a little flimsy. However, the whole saw is solid and well-built. Actually, it’s the best bandsaw for the money, because a guide fence is a rare thing at this price point!

6.  SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw With Light

10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

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The SKIL 3386-01 is a 2.5-amp 120-volt band saw whose 9-inch throat produces maximum cutting capacity of 3-1/2 inches. With a 2,800 No Load SFPM and a rip fence, it can deliver precise, straight-edge cuts. There’s also a miter gauge for cross cuts.

Target Users

I consider the SKIL 3386-01 as an ideal model for those who largely work in dark workshops. It uses an articulating LED Work lighting technology for better view of work piece and cut line.

What I Liked? 

First, the SKIL’s single-speed motor is delighting, because it’s capable of cutting wood and metal materials. Its 6 TPI band saw blade makes it possible to slice through various wood materials.

Made of cast iron, the work table is sturdy and wide enough, with dimensions of 12 x 11-3/4 Inches. The rack and pinion adjustable table facilitates easy and quick changes in angle and height as you work.

The EZ View Blade Viewing Window is amazing. This super cool feature provides the best tracking, enabling you to align your working blade to achieve the most accurate results.

If you love keeping your work area clean like me, you’ll love the SKIL’s 1-1/2-inch dust port, whose task is to clear the work space of dust. This dust port can be attached to a vacuum hose for better riddance of dust and debris.

What Could Be Better? 

I wish the engineers of the SKIL 3386-01 had integrated both the quick precision technology and the poly-v belt drive technology. At this price point, however, this model comes with most bells and whistles of its higher-priced alternatives.

You’ll find the LED technology great as you’ll be able to adjust lighting intensity. Thanks to this adjustment, you gain better visibility even in poorly-lit conditions.

7.  Rikon Bandsaw 10-305

10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

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The Rikon 10-305 is a miniature version of the popular 14-inch models 10-345 and 10-325 from the same manufacturer. Although it’s advertised as having been improved, I still realized that it’s limited in power and cutting capacity.

Target Users

The 10-305 Rikon 10-inch bandsaw befits woodworkers and hobbyists searching for the best budget bandsaw for occasional use. It has appeared in many trustable band saw reviews fine woodworking. This is a smaller saw whose stature facilitates effortless storage and transportation.

What I Liked?

What I liked most about the Rikon 10-305 is its solid steel design. Its frame is made of steel plate, which outshines other units with plastic designs in terms of durability.

Its large 13-3/4-inch by 12-1/2-inch work table is not only wide but also made of cast iron. This is a rare occurrence in most bandsaws of this size.

The table tilts 0-45 degrees for easier operation. The saw uses reliable Edge Facing Thrust Bearings which offer a smooth operation. It also includes a safety pad switch that lets you switch the machine on and off.

The saw’s 1/3HP motor provides speeds of over 2780ft/min, which is just enough for cutting bowl and pen blanks. Its re-saw capacity ranges from 4-5/8” for the height and 9-5/8” for the width.

Included with the Rikon 10-305 is a 2-1/2-inch (O.D.) dust port for shop vacuum hookup, and a micro adjustable guide post for raising and lowering the guide-post height with a simple turn of a handle.

Other notable features include a 2-inch tall rip fence for holding pieces together and locking the system in place as well as a large blade tension knob for top precision.

What Could Be Better?

Like I said, the Rikon 10-305 has a lower horsepower than that of other models. Therefore, it’s not ideal for hardwood and metal. Also, it doesn’t come with a stand.

All the same, this is the best cheap bandsaw for DIYers who don’t need large power and cutting capacity for their projects. It’s also a good choice for people who have limited shop space.

8.  Shop Fox Bandsaw W1706

10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

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The Shop Fox Bandsaw W1706 has lots of great features than can only be found in larger, more expensive band saws. For instance, it entails a quick-release blade extension, upper and lower cast iron wheels, enclosed cabinet stand with accessory storage, and extruded aluminum fence and rails.

Target Users 

This freestanding band saw from Shop Fox is ideal for medium to heavy duty applications like resawing wood and metal. It sports a powerful 1 HP, single-phase motor operating at 1,725 RPM to power through the hardest wood materials.  

What I Liked? 

The Shop Fox Bandsaw W1706 is a beast that affords a 13-1/2-inch throat capacity. Its 93-1/2-inch long (1/8 to 3/4-inch wide) blade size produces a maximum cutting height of 6 inches.

A 6-inch cutting height appears to be lacking. However, Shop Fox offers an optional extension kit that can boost the cutting height up to 12 inches.

The saw’s table, frame and wheels are made of durable cast iron, which means you’ll enjoy many years of great service. This cast iron table bevels 10 degrees left and 45 degrees right thus accommodating a wide range of cutting options.

There’s a deluxe extruded aluminum frame which ensures solid work support. Its hairline scale is simple to adjust to the desired position and also easy to lock tightly in place.

Also, the W1706 is equipped with a deluxe miter gauge that guarantees precise angles and excellent cross-cuts. The cast iron precision ground miter gauge flaunts an easy-to-read scale, which is adjustable to +/- 30 degrees.

What Could Be Better? 

The Shop Fox Bandsaw W1706 brings onboard an inferior factory blade and a shaky rip fence. Similarly, its cutting capacity is small unless you use the riser blocks.

Overall though, it’s one of the best 14-inch band saws you can get today. Its 2-year warranty is nice, too!

9.  Milwaukee 6242-6 Compact Portable Band Saw

10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

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Milwaukee’s 6242-6 compact portable band saw powers through most common materials for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical cutting applications.

Target Users

At only 9.5 lbs weight and 16 inches length, you’ll agree with me that the 6242-6 is a super compact and portable band saw for everyday use. Thus, it’s intentionally made for cutting metal in-place, overhead, or in constricted spaces.

What I Liked? 

The most likable feature of the Milwaukee 6242-6 is its 3-1/4-inch cutting capacity coupled with its low vibration. Its 35-3/8" blade length provides clean cuts on materials like a 2-1/2-inch conduit, 3-inch angle iron, 3-inch copper, strut, and threat rod – all without spoiling the threads.

Its 120V/AC motor records about 200-360 SFPM, with the variable speed dial enhancing speed adjustments for more accurate cuts on harder materials. The compact saw also has a built-in LED work light that helps illuminate your cut line.

The blade ejection system combined with the tool-less adjustable material guide enables you to make cuts flush to ceiling or walls. Other features worth liking include a durable aluminum gear case and a drop-resistant pulley guard.

This electric tool comes complete with the compact band saw, 8’ 3-wire grounded cord, blade, and case.

What Could Be Better? 

While testing the Milwaukee 6242-6, I was perturbed by the blade’s tendency to creep off the front tension wheel whether under load or not.

But all the same, and being a Milwaukee product, it has the perfect size and cool features for the home handyman and hobby fabricator. It’s well made too!

10.  Delta 28-400 14 In. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw

10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

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By now, you probably know the importance of having a spacious table when it comes to resawing. A wider table gives you more than enough room to resaw without any restrictions.

Target Users 

If you need the best band saw with an oversized work table, then never look beyond the Delta 28-400 model. Its 15 ¾-inch x 18 7/8-inch precision ground cast iron table is the largest in my bandsaw reviews.

What I Liked? 

First, this 14-inch wheel band saw houses a 1 HP motor with two speed settings; 1,620 FPM and 3,340 FPM. The lower speed is for cutting wood while the higher speed is for cutting non-ferrous metals.

The saw’s blade (93-½ ’’ length; ⅛’’ -¾’’ thickness) has a cutting capacity of 6 inches height and 13-5/8 inches width, so it accommodates and works on large materials.

The saw’s table can tilt from 3 degrees left to 45 degrees right with a positive stop at 90 degrees. The table also features a trunnion table support for greater durability.

To keep vibrations at bay, the saw is designed and constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame that minimizes flexing. Also, there are five precision ball bearing lower and upper blade guides for consistent tracking and smooth precision.

The larger insert boosts visibility when changing the lower guide settings. More importantly, the Delta 28-400 comes with a poly-v belt drive for keeping the wheels running slickly, and a dust brush on the lower wheel for keeping the blade clean and sharp.

What Could Be Better? 

In my opinion, the lack of the micrometer adjustment for blade guide is a problem. However, some users may find it solvable by simply adjusting the saw’s lower wheel.

And while this saw has a good pricing, it doesn’t come with a rip fence and miter gauge. So, if you’re willing to part with a few extra bucks for these accessories, then the Delta 28-400 will be fine for you.

Band Saw Buying Guide

I have listed only 10 of the top rated band saws in 2020 based on my experience with them throughout my testing. But obviously, there are more options available today.

To help you make an educated purchase decision, let’s discuss about the main aspects and specs to be mindful of when shopping for a good band saw.

  • Power

The size of the motor determines how easier it will be for you to cut harder and denser wood pieces. A professional or industrial band saw model typically has a larger motor with variable speed settings.

Note that the different speed settings won’t be necessary if you take woodworking as a hobby. After all, a slow speed is all you need to cut through hard plastic and rigid metals.

Less powerful motors struggle in maintaining blade speeds and torque, thus affecting precision. Based on my experience, a 0.5-0.75-HP motor is powerful enough to handle most woodworking projects at a home setup.

Motors power upward of 1.5HP into the 2.5-3 horsepower range will be fine for people working with exotic hardwoods or sawing sheet metal. As a reminder, motors this powerful call for a specialized high-voltage electric supply.

  • Throat Capacity

The throat capacity of a band saw refers to the distance between the top blade guides and the vertical frame of the body. It is this size distance that determines the thickness or width of the cut the saw can produce.

Most of the smaller band saws are limited to 4-5 inches of throat capacity. A small throat capacity of this caliber will not be able to accommodate resawing purposes.

You’ll need a minimum of 8 inches and above to be able to craft beautiful bookmatched cuts. Gladly, I’ve covered the 10 inch band saw reviews by unleashing models whose throat measurements can cut a 10-inch board with great simplicity.

  • Bevel Capacity

Bevel capacity is a crucial feature if you’re planning to make more complex cuts such as dovetails using your band saw. It allows the saw’s table to tilt making it easy to create beveled cuts.

Being able to tilt the table accurately and securely adds a horde of versatility to your machine. To achieve this versatility, it’s best to steer clear of models which make a normal tilt of less than 10° to the left.

Instead, I recommend opting for saws whose tables are designed to tilt at least 45° preferably to the right for miter cuts. Such models will be able to produce accurate beveled cuts and return to square upon adjusting back.

Beware of the fact that some table top band saws even go a couple of degrees higher than 45. Another thing; check the easiness of making the adjustments, because this can improve your confidence in using your table saw.

  • Band Saw Speed

The speed of a band saw has to do with how fast it can spin the blade around the saw’s wheels. Usually, band saws that spin the blade faster are able to make more precise cuts in a more controlled manner.

Some of the best band saws avail two different speed modes, whereby a lower speed setting is recommendable for cutting certain materials like metals. Lower speeds also favor the cutting of more fragile materials.

In general, it’s best to go with a saw that comes with variable speeds especially when resawing. When it comes to resawing, reduced cutting speeds produce a slow, steady cut.

Slower speeds also prevent the saw from binding and facilitate removal of a lot of material with one pass. Higher cutting speeds are ideal for more intricate cuts as they produce faster, cleaner and more accurate cuts.

  • Guide Wheels

Band saw wheels that drive the blade play a significant role in determining how your saw cuts and behaves. In this regard, the wheel weight matters.

The heavier the wheel, the more the inertia and momentum it provides, and the easier the band saw can cut. This inertia is transmitted to the blade allowing the saw to maintain a steady speed for a consistent, delightful cutting experience.

Internal wheels can be made of either cast iron or aluminum. Aluminum is considerably lighter than cast iron, and is normally found in cheaper saws.

Cast-iron wheels being heavier are typically found in top rated band saws. I recommend choosing cast iron wheels when shopping for the best bandsaw.

  • Tables

It is important to note that all the feeding and sawing takes place on the table. You will also be resting your workpieces and guiding them from the table, which is why it needs to be strong and durable.

Stronger tables provide the best stability, allowing you to guide the materials in different angles and directions. Long-lasting band saw tables are normally made of steel, aluminum or cast iron.

While smaller tables are just as effective as their larger counterparts, I think it’s better off opting for table length and width of approximately 16 inches.

And, as I said earlier, a good table should tilt or bevel at least 45 degrees to facilitate angular cuts. Furthermore, it should come with a miter gauge and a fence for greater versatility and value for your money.

  • Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

The teeth of a blade are measured per inch wise (TPI) and dictate the sort of materials that go into the feed. A blade whose TPI measure is higher is great for thin materials, and produces a smoother and cleaner finish.

On the shortcoming, higher TPI translates to slower feed and therefore, slower overall operation. As a rule of thumb, experts recommend getting the balance right between the TPI and feed rate.

Aim for something along the lines of 5-8 TPI for all-purpose use.  A TPI of 2 or 3 is recommendable for cleaner cutting. For sawing through hard metals, a TPI of 18-30 is more preferable.

  • Dust Extraction

The by-product of woodworking is sawdust, which makes a workspace dirty and uninviting. Luckily, most of the best woodworking bandsaws come with the dust extraction feature for dealing with sawdust while you work.

Some models even include a large dust port under the table, which aids in connecting a Shop Vac to your band saw. Dust ports come in different sizes, and I’ve realized that bigger options perform the job better.

Therefore, a 4-inch dust port is better than a 2.5-inch one when it comes to dust extraction. But you can make do with either – simply ensure that it is compatible with your Shop Vac in order to suction as much dust as possible.

  • Weight

From my experience, weight is of great significance when choosing the best band saw. Clearly, some people will argue that weight has no major role to play, but I believe it’s important to decide whether to opt for a light or heavy band saw.

In my opinion, you need to stay away from very light or very heavy band saws. Why? Simple, a lighter band saw causes a lot of wobbling while cutting a wood log, while a heavier one gives you a lot of problems if you’re going to transport it from place to place.

So, strike a balance between what is too light and too heavy, and go for an average option. Also, high-quality band saws are normally made of heavy-duty steel.

If you’re going to choose one with a plastic frame, then make sure its pulley size is less than 12 inches, because the plastic can’t support a heavy weight. In general, the material the band is made of can make or break the band saw in terms of weight and lifespan.

  • Size & Body

For good reasons, band saws need to be stored out of congested or packed places. Before purchasing a band saw, find a good place in your house or studio where you’ll store the equipment.

I prefer choosing whose body size is just adequate for a secure and comfortable storage. A compact handheld saw featuring horizontal blades is a good match for those who are fond of traveling with their saw.

You can get a massive, corded saw if you don’t move or travel with your machine too much. Better yet, you are entitled to choosing a machine of your preferred type, size and weight if you are not a travel fanatic.

  • Extra Features

The best woodworking band saw is often loaded with extra features that improve user comfort and performance. Higher tier units feature LED guide lights for illuminating the cutting area.

These ones are great if you’ll be using your machine in a dimly lit space. Proper illumination helps you see where the blade is going and follow any lines you’ve sketched on the wood for enhanced accuracy.

Final Verdict

Finding the best band saw is a tough nut to crack as the band saw marketplace is evolving at lightning speed. To figure out which model suits your needs, you need to consider the construction design, maximum cutting capability, and additional technology provided by each unit.

The best band saw should be engineered and designed to guarantee a great cutting experience. From my point of view, the Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw is the best overall model whose power, versatility and other specs make it a logical investment.

Obviously, it is not completely without flaws. For instance, being a 247-pound unit, transporting it from one job site to another can be an issue.

 But the good news is that the G0555LX can tackle any job thrown its way, and is the perfect option for a professional or a DIYer. I sincerely hope my band saw reviews will go a long way in helping you make an educated decision when shopping for the best bandsaw.

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