10 Best Laser Level Reviews – Comparison & Buying Guide

With the right line leveling laser, you can do lots of things, such as hanging up pictures, putting up wallpapers, installing kitchen cabinets, aligning tiles, and installing drop ceilings.

Even so, it’s really tasking to pick the right laser as there are hundreds of models in the market, and all options are a far cry from one another. Nonetheless, there’s always a product for each user’s preference.

And that’s where this top 10 laser review comes into play. This is an honest and an unbiased comparison of various laser levels. So, buckle up and read through as you learn of what might fit your specific needs.

But then again, if this article piece seems like a TLDR, then you can always opt for our recommended line laser - the DeWalt DW088K Self-leveling Laser.

Laser Level Reviews

1.  DEWALT DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide

Every professional builder shouldn’t be missing out this equipment in their collection. Still, the laser isn’t limited to experts. It is also perfect for home DIYers who would like to hang their pictures or rebuild their fence and have it leveled.

Since the DW088K is a red laser, it is great for indoor works, and not that ideal for outdoors. This is because red lasers aren’t very visible in bright lights, but work perfectly in dark rooms and at night.

Anyways, when looking for a laser, accuracy is very crucial. And that’s what the DW088K is offering. You can comfortably get accurate levels of ±¼″ per 100 feet.

With a laser detector, the laser can cast up to 165 feet. Unfortunately, the laser detector is sold separately. Also, thanks to an in-built internal magnetic pendulum, the unit has an accuracy of ± 4 degrees.

One thing I love about this unit is that it self-levels; hence, you don’t have to worry about any wobbles. Better yet, it blinks repeatedly to remind you when you’re getting out of range.

When it comes to battery, the DW088K runs on three AA batteries, which give you about 15-20 hours of working before recharging it. Its lasting charge is attributed to its red laser capability, which doesn’t take much power compared to green lasers.

Being a DeWalt product, you don’t have to worry about damage. The unit comes with an ingress protection rating of IP56, which is a fairly great figure. This means the DW088K is both dust and waterproof.

Also, since its exteriors come over-molded with the toughest materials, the laser can withstand damage when it falls off.

You’ll be impressed by its balancing capability. That is, the unit features an in-built magnetic pivot at its base, which allows you to mount the unit on any metal surface. It also comes with a magnetic wall holder. And you can also attach it on a tripod.

What We Loved

  • Impressive cross-line casting accuracy of ±¼″ @ 100 ft.
  • Batteries support up to 20 hours of constant use per charge
  • Over-molded with sturdy materials to withstand damage in case it accidentally falls of
  • IP56 rated for both dust and waterproof
  • Blinks repeatedly to remind you whenever you’re getting out of range

What Could Be Better

  • No LOCK setting. This means that the self-leveling is always on at all times thus limiting you when you’d like a certain angle setting
  • Red beam isn’t great for outdoor leveling

2.  DEWALT DW088LG Laser Level

10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide

Okay, we all know that when it comes to Dewalt products, quality is always guaranteed. No one can ever doubt that. I guess that’s why the DW088LG line laser ranks as one of the best out there.

It costs an arm and a leg. But that shouldn’t scare you away. In fact, this should tell you of its high quality and effectiveness.

The fact that it's a green laser, you’ll be able to work with it in a brightly lit room.

It is four times brighter than the red-laser Dewalt DW088K. This means the Dewalt DW088LG is great for outdoor tasks, like rebuilding your fence. Just remember to keep the distances short coz the further you go, the less accurate it becomes.

Also, the laser boasts a visibility range of up to 100 feet, hence its accuracy works best at 1/8” over 30 feet.

I was mostly impressed by the fact it leveled itself. I mean, I was expecting a wobble, but the laser self-leveled on its own. Upon checking out its features again, I noticed the DW088LG auto-levels to 4 degrees. You just need to get your height and you’re done.

If you also want to lay out something at an angle, like leveling pictures on stairs, then this Dewalt product comes in handy. It will tell you if you’re slightly off or really off level by blinking rapidly and constantly reminding you.

The other thing that justifies its high pricing is the tough exteriors. The DeWalt DW088LG has an ingress rating of IP65, which is a much better than DW008K’s rating of IP56. Remember the higher the figure, the more protected the laser is.

The laser’s exteriors are over-molded by very strong materials to make sure it’s not damaged or affected in any way, even when it falls off to the ground. I mean, although it’s a rule of thumb to be careful when working with line lasers, the DW088LG can still handle any abrasions in case it falls off by accident.

So, when it comes to longevity and durability, the DW088LG won’t disappoint.

What We Loved

  • Includes the accessories to help it hold onto walls and drop ceilings. You can also get a Dewalt tripod with tilted head, for better leveling.
  • Runs on a 12V rechargeable battery that lasts more than 12 hours of working time. This is really cool given that Green lasers use lots of power
  • Ideal for use in brightly lit rooms, and also great for outdoors
  • Integrates the magnetic bracket that helps with flush attachments to steel and metal track
  • No wobbling because it auto-levels at 4 degrees. You just need to get the height right and everything else goes to self-leveling mode
  • Really great in laying out angles, like stairs

What Could Be Better

  • A little bit over the budget. But, it comes with lots of features that the pricing doesn’t feel costly

3.  Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K Self Leveling Rotary Laser

10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide

Now, if you are looking for a laser that comes with everything you need to complete your leveling at the job site, then you definitely have to get the Johnson Level 99-006K.

This unit isn’t just a rotary laser, but a combination of different tools – the tripod, mounting bracket, magnetic target, laser detector, grade rod, and protective glasses. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about hassling for extra tools. This makes it a perfect unit for novice builders looking to venture in the profession.

Still, even home DIY users can find this laser helpful, especially if you’d like to align your fence posts. Although it’s a red laser unit, you’ll still get some really accurate levels, whose range is 1/8” @ 100 ft.

Better yet, you don’t have to worry about the red laser aspect, because it comes with both the manual and digital detectors. These are meant to help you get the right leveling accuracy. Compared to the likes of DW088K and DW088LG, this Johnson Rotary Laser can cast up to a range of 200 ft.

Also, note that the Johnson 99-006K unit isn’t a cross-line laser, but a rotary laser. This means that it can rotate at 360 degrees, all round the room. It comes with a 3-speed setting of 200, 400 and 600RPM for guaranteed versatility.

The best thing though, is that you can use it for both vertical and horizontal leveling. And the fact that its rod is calibrated in engineering and architectural scales, you can use it on a professional level.

What We Loved

  • Features everything you need at the job station (tripod, grade rod, detector and protective glasses)
  • Entails an enclosed beacon that protects its inner parts from dust and water (IP54 rating)
  • Capable of rotating up to 360 degrees. And yeah, its casting range is much better too – up to 200 ft.

What Could Be Better

  • You risk damaging your tripod, the rod and detectors when transporting them, because they lack casings for protection
  • The calibrations on the rod are made of paint that comes off easily. But this only happens if you don’t keep it within the provided sleeve

4.  Bosch GLL 30 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser (Red-Beam)

10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide

If you are the DIY type and don’t wanna spend a lot on a leveling laser, then the Bosch GLL 30 is exactly what you should be getting. I mean, it costs less than 50 bucks for Chissake, and probably the cheapest line laser. And it is pocket-sized; so you can carry it wherever you go.

Although its casting range (up to 30 ft.) isn’t anywhere compared to the likes of DeWalt DW088K, this red-beam laser works just fine for basic tasks like leveling your wallpapers, hanging pictures, or aligning tiles.

Since this laser was intentionally designed for non-professionals, everything about it is as simple as it goes. It has only one switch for both the horizontal and vertical laser beams.

That is, unlike the Dewalt lasers, the Bosch GLL 30 displays both rays at the same time. And since it is a self-leveling unit, the laser blinks every three seconds once it goes out of range.

You can also make angled alignments (e.g. tiles, stairs), but only at an allowance of 4 degrees. Once it’s out of this range, the laser keeps blinking. This guarantees accuracy at all times.

However, if you’re intending to make a consistent angle whose range is more than the 4 degrees, then you’ll have to tolerate the constant blinking every 3 seconds. This is because the Bosch GLL 30 lacks the “Lock” capability, which lets you lock it into a specific angle. Well, this can be a deal breaker!

Still, you’ll love its mounting accessory, which is really flexible and can be clamped to any material or surface. The mount can actually make the laser swivel to 360º, which comes in handy when you’re aligning floor tiles.

What We Loved

  • Very basic and simple to use
  • Specifically designed to serve all home DIYers
  • Self-leveling unit blinks every time you’re out of range
  • Very much pocket-friendly
  • Super small profile fits into your pocket, making it easier to move around with

What Could Be Better

  • Lacks the Lock feature
  • Definitely not meant for professionals

5.  Huepar 902CG 360-Degree Cross Line Laser Level

10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide

While the Bosch GLL 30 is the most affordable laser, the Huepar brings in the aspect of value for your money. Although it’s been designed for small DIYs, you can definitely use it professionally.

Its green beam is four times brighter than the likes of Johnson Level 99-006K and DeWalt DW088K, both of which use the red beam, and are higher priced than the Huepar 902CG laser. Basically, if you’re looking for something that’s easy to use, feels professional, and doesn’t cost that much, then you have to get this laser.

This laser is just as small and compact as the Bosch GLL 30, and you can easily carry around wherever you wanna go. The good thing is that it comes with much better features. For starters, it is a green beam laser! This means you can easily work outside in sunlight and in brightly lit rooms without ever losing your visual of the leveling beam.

To make your work easier while working outdoors, the Huepar 902CG comes with a laser target. This helps you choose a specific level, especially when replacing your fence posts, or something like that. The target also helps this laser cast a maximum range of 130 ft., which is pretty amazing.

Also, the laser has a great accuracy – which is ±1/9 Inch at 33 ft.

Other than the laser target, the Huepar Self-leveling 902CG also comes with a mounting bracket, which is magnetic enough to enable you to mount the laser unit on a vertical wall. You can clamp it on a drop ceiling, and it doesn’t lose grip.

What We Loved

  • Comes with the lock feature to enable you manually and automatically level it
  • Boasts the 360-degree feature whereby you can cast it all around the room
  • Mounting bracket with strong and powerful magnet helps clamp the laser unit on any metallic surface
  • Being a green-beamed laser, the Huepar cross-line laser works perfectly outdoors
  • Has a carrying case, and its protective rating is IP54, hence you don’t have to worry about water and dust
  • Comes with a laser target, so no need of getting one

What Could Be Better

  • 130 ft. casting range is more than enough for DIYers, but it isn’t for professionals

6.  Makita SK104Z Self-Leveling Horizontal/Vertical Cross-Line Laser

10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide

Well, when it comes to Makita products, you’re never disappointed. Their tools are effective and state of the art, and the SK104Z laser is not an exception. The line laser is so popular among novice builders, who find the laser’s battery really effective.

The laser has been designed to save as much battery as possible. For instance, it is a red beam laser, which conserves power way better than the green beam.

At the same time, it has three independent switching modes – for either the horizontal, vertical and as cross line. This saves power because you’ll be using either of the settings only when needed.

It also has “Pulse Mode” which dims the laser’s brightness, especially in dark rooms. This is effective in saving the battery. It actually uses three AA batteries, which give a run time of up to 35 hours.

I particularly love its fast-leveling time, whereby it gets to auto-level within 3 seconds. As expected, this increases productivity, and is effective if you’re working in a fast-paced job station.

The other really cool feature is that it self-corrects itself in uneven surfaces and terrains. That is, the laser unit is correctable up to 4-degrees. However, it will be blinking to indicate that you are off level. Still, its lock capability lets you continue working on uneven surfaces.

For durability, the Makita SK104Z comes designed with recessed laser windows, which protect the unit from fracture, dust and water. Its housing is actually over-molded to withstand accidental fall offs. Finally, this laser unit comes with a magnetic bracket for attachment to metallic surfaces.

What We Loved

  • Very bright
  • Comes with the lock setting for better storage
  • Includes the pulse mode for saving battery energy when working in dark rooms
  • Over-molded for added protection

What Could Be Better

  • Being a red beam means unsuitable for outdoor uses

7.  Tavool Laser level

10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide

This is a great option if you aren’t into brand names. That is, if you’re the kind of person who looks beyond a brand’s name to find a really cool product, then the Tavool 50 ft. line laser is something you should consider buying.

Basically, this self-leveling laser plays in the same lane as the Bosch GLL 30, which we’ve already mentioned to cost under 50 bucks. Well, the Tavool T-Series laser also goes for less than that.

The good thing though? Unlike the Bosch – which is a great brand – the Tavool laser boasts of a longer casting range. It goes to a max of 50 ft., which is better than Bosch’s 30 ft.

You’ll also like its small size. Although it might fit on your pocket, the laser comes with a carrying case that can carry both the unit and its mounting bracket. Also, the carrying case is well-padded to guarantee protection from damage.

Its mounting bracket has a powerful magnet that’s capable of sticking on any metallic material. And it screws easily into the laser unit. Also, you can use the Tavool with a tripod.

One very unique feature about this laser is that you can switch it in three modes – as a horizontal laser line, a vertical leveling, and as both.

It also comes with the crucial LOCK feature, which comes in handy when doing angled leveling. It also helps in protecting the laser when you’re not using it.

What We Loved

  • Very affordable and perfect for hanging pictures
  • Really lightweight and easily portable
  • Comes with a padded carrying case to protect it from damage
  • Comes with a Lock feature for angled leveling

What Could Be Better

  • Being a red beam laser means not suitable for outdoor tasks
  • IP rating is unknown, so you’ll have to be careful when handling

8.  HAMMERHEAD Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide

Just like the Hammerhead Compact Laser and the Dewalt DW088K, this is a red beam laser meant for indoor tasks like hanging your pictures or mounting your TV. The TACKlife laser is also perfect for tile alignment and wall studding. Therefore, next time you’ve got a new TV, don’t forget to use the SC-L01 self-leveling laser.

It is very small and fits in your palms. It is also lightweight and its housing is made of a material that’s easy to grip. Despite its miniature size, the laser is sizable enough to stay steady when placed on something. It also comes with a magnetic mounting bracket, which attaches on a metallic wall.

The TACKlife SC-L01 has a casting range of 50 ft., but is more accurate within 30 ft. And you should remember that the further away you are, the less accurate a laser becomes. Basically, the laser projects and emits cross line leveling onto flat surfaces at an accuracy of ±1/8 @ 30 ft.

Although its IP rating hasn’t been specified, the laser looks like it’s been over-molded with sturdy materials to withstand shock. However, it is advisable to be careful with the laser. The unit comes with a zippered pouch that is made with nylon to make it waterproof, and further prevent dust from damaging it.

A really important feature is its auto-leveling capability. It blinks every time it goes off an angle more than 4-degrees. For angled leveling, the laser comes with a ‘Lock’ feature, which is great if you wanna make some manual leveling at an angle.

What We Loved

  • Attaches easily on a tripod, which is sold separately. And you can get some affordable tripods here
  • Small and compact enough to easily carry it around
  • Simple to use, and any novice will get a hang of it within minutes
  • Comes with a simple-to-use magnetic mounting bracket

What Could Be Better

  • Casting range is limited to 50 ft., hence it isn’t meant for professionals
  • Laser beams can’t go 360-degrees across the room

9.  Tacklife SC-L01-50 Feet Laser Level

10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide

This is another simple, cheap and easy-to-use line laser. It is one tool that you gotta have in your house, coz it comes in handy whenever you want to hang pictures or wallpapers.

A very unique feature is its adjustable mounting clamp. It lets you clamp on any surface, and it is so flexible to an extent that you can mount it in four different articulations. Unlike the magnetic mounting brackets, you have the freedom of flexibility. However, you’ll have to find, or set up a surface where you can clamp the laser unit.

Regarding its accuracy, the laser’s factor is +/- ¼ inch @ 30 ft. And its angle range is adjustable up to 4-degrees, whereby it blinks if it goes off level. Unlike lasers like the DeWalt DW088K, the Hammerhead Compact laser comes with a Lock feature, which assists with manual adjustments.

It has two controls, which makes it easier to use, as you toggle from the horizontal to the vertical leveling. And being a red beam laser, the Hammerhead Compact self-leveling laser doesn’t use much of the AA batteries. These last a total runtime of 5 hours.

Although its IP rating isn’t definable, the unit seems fairly sturdy and tough to withstand fall offs. Nonetheless, the likes of Bosch and Dewalt seem sturdier; however, for the price, you’re getting more than you’ve paid for.

What We Loved

  • Mounting clamp has four different directional articulations
  • Very small, compact and lightweight to fit in your
  • Comes with the lock feature for manual adjustments
  • It is very affordable

What Could Be Better

  • Despite its cool adjustability, the unit’s mounting clamp can’t adjust its height
  • No batteries included, but you can order and add the required pack of AA batteries

10.  SKIL 8201-CL Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide10 Best Laser Level Reviews - Comparison & Buying Guide

The laser comes installed with features that can make it applicable for both small and large tasks. It boasts a projection length of 30 ft., and with easy-to-understand buttons.

It comes with a tripod, which is something lacking in most line lasers. However, the deal-breaker is that it doesn’t come with mounting brackets – none of the magnetic ones, or the flexible plastic mounting devices. Nada!

Still, this works best if you're the kind of user who prefers the tripods more than the mounting devices. After all, most of these lasers need the tripod to project beams across the room.

By the way, the Skil 8201-CL is the kind of laser that projects the beams down both sides of a corner, on the floor and the ceiling. This way, you don’t have to move the laser all over the room, especially for large projects.

Therefore, in the end, the lack of mounting bracket isn’t (probably) that significant. Anyways, that’s just an opinion.

The unit is self-leveling, which means you don’t worry about “bubble” leveling. Also, the SKIL 8201-CL produces straight lines in three seconds.

What We Loved

  • You can move it around your project as you preserve straight lines
  • Has multiple settings, for the horizontal, vertical and cross-line
  • Let’s you make angled leveling due to its lock feature
  • Comes with a tripod

What Could Be Better

  • As a tradeoff, it doesn’t come with a mounting bracket

Best Laser Level Buying Guide - Tips to Look For

When looking for a line laser, it is important to check out the best laser level reviews, for the best tips and thoughts on what experts think about different products. Here are a few of those tips.

  • Red or Green Beam Lasers?

Well, as you’ve seen with the aforementioned line lasers, the red beams are mainly meant for indoor tasks such as mounting your TV or installing kitchen cabinets. The green beams are usually brighter and better visible in brightly lit rooms. This means they are perfect for outdoor tasks, such as replacing your fence posts.

  • What’s The Accuracy? And What About Casting Range?

Here, it’s important to go for lasers whose accuracy is at ⅛” per 30 ft., which most of them are. But, there are other lasers that are more accurate than this, such as the DeWalt DW088LG. You should mainly focus on the casting range, whereby the further the better.

  • Check Out Its IP Rating

This is the international protective rating in terms of how the laser can withstand dust, and how waterproof it is. Any figure that’s more than IP54 is a better rating. Some lasers don’t have the rating, which means you’ll have to be very careful with the unit.

  • Is It Self-Leveling?

Well, this isn’t something too serious compared to the other factors, because most (if not all) lasers have the self-leveling feature. The only difference is that some of them come with the lock features to allow for manual adjustments. This comes in handy if you wanna make angled leveling.

Final Verdict

With the ten options to choose from, you can always opt for whichever line laser seems cool or effective to you. If you prefer the green-beamed lasers, then you’ve got the options of the likes of DeWalt DW088LG and Huepar 902CG lasers.

At the same time, if your preference leans towards the red beams, then you’re in luck coz most of the aforementioned lasers offer the red-colored beams, hence perfect for indoor tasks.

While you’ve got the option of picking very affordable and low-budget lasers like the Makita SK104Z, the Tavoo, and the Hammerhead Compact lasers, our recommended option is the DeWalt DW088K. This one is loaded with amazing features to guarantee perfect leveling.

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