Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models Compared

Whether you are an expert woodworker or a novice, it always feels great to have the right tools.

Owing to this, our reciprocating saw review seeks to explore the 8 amazing reciprocating saws that may be perfect for you, depending on exactly what you’re looking for. Hence, sit tight as you find which recip saw fits your specific needs.

Since this is a TLDR review, you can always cut corners and opt for our recommended reciprocating saw, which is the DEWALT Bare-tool DC385B 18-Volt Recip Saw. It has very unique features that are lacking in most recip saws out there.

Let’s have a look at an in-depth, unbiased review of our recommended best reciprocating saw.

8 Best Reciprocating Saws - Reviews

1.  DEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models ComparedBest Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models Compared

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If you are some kind of a rookie when it comes to recip saws –and aren’t sure where to start from – then the DeWalt DC385B is a great option to consider.

It usually catches most people’s eyes, chiefly due to its simple design and bright yellow color. That’s not important though. This 18-Volt DeWalt tool is simple and powerful at the same time.

Being a best cordless reciprocating saw tool, the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw is very handy and easy to use whenever you’re moving around. This makes it a must-have machinery to add to your arsenal of tools. 

Now, this cordless machinery is easy to use, but what about its usability? Is it effective? Well, the DeWalt DC385B cuts through anything - metal, wood, pipe, ductwork, steel studs, tree branches, etc.

It can cut through anything, which makes it perfect for demolitions, thanks to its long 1⅛ inch stroke, augmented with a variable speed of 3,000 strokes-per-minute.

If you think the capability of cutting anything is DeWalt’s strong suit, then you’re wrong. This cordless 18-Volt recip saw boasts of the 4-position blade head, which allows it to cut from all directions. As expected, this enables the saw to access tight spaces.

Another feature we loved as expert woodworkers is its orbital cutting feature. This allows the recip to slice through anything whilst picking the pieces all at the same time.

Other than that, the tool comes installed with an electric brake, which instantly stops the blade for safety. Speaking of which, the DeWalt DC385B features an easy to adjust shoe, and an easy-peasy changing system for its blades.

Its sturdiness makes it a durable tool, which will last for many years without experiencing any hitches.

What We Loved

  • Cordless tool for easy mobility
  • Features a keyless blade clamp for quicker and easier changing of blades
  • Boasts a 4-blade system that offers an all-direction cutting system
  • An Anti-Slip comfort grip provides increased control over the tool while cutting
  • Powerful tool with over 3,000 SPM

What Could Be Better

  • Although its adjustable depth stop is a really nice feature, we feel like it should be longer, both for shallow and long cuts, so that it doesn’t rip out easily

2.  Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models ComparedBest Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models Compared

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This is a perfect best sawzall for DIYers who aren’t ready to cough out lots of bucks for a commercial saw, but still seeking to have a high-quality product.

The Milwaukee 6519-31 comes with patented features which keep it ahead of most recip saws in terms of effectiveness.

One unique feature is its Quik-Lok Technology, which offers a keyless blade clamp. This means you won’t be troubling yourself with finding the allen (hex) keys.

It also comes with a Gear Protecting Clutch, which is meant to protect the clutch from high forces. This offers the best of both worlds, since it increases the tool’s longevity while maintaining Milwaukee’s power. 

The Milwaukee 6519-31 has a latch on its sides that offers easier changing of its keyless blade - and it’s all for your convenience. 

It has a blade clamp that enables you to input its blade upside-down, as well as giving you the extra dimension to cut in different directions, hence versatility.

One thing we loved about this Milwaukee Sawzall is its anti-vibration feature, which is attributed to counter-weighted mechanisms. Our experts loved its smooth operation when cutting through metals.

The lack of vibration is a huge plus coz it improves on its accuracy, and therefore you can count on it if you’d like something that cuts perfectly.

What We Loved

  • 12 amps power and 3,000 SPM can cut through materials
  • Has variable speed triggers for better control over the cutting process
  • Offers1 ⅛ inch stroke length, which is among the top in the industry
  • Quik-Lok technology gives it a unique and fast change of blades
  • Features counter-gear mechanism that minimizes vibrations
  • Comes with gear protecting clutch, which increases durability
  • More affordable considering the features on offer

What Could Be Better

  • Slightly heavy, but it’s a fair tradeoff based on the [amazon link="B003FXD6L4" title="Milwaukee 6519-31 cost " /] and features it offers 
  • Not the best fit for folks that hate the cord

3.  DEWALT DCS387P1 Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models ComparedBest Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models Compared

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If you’ve been looking for a recip saw that’s gonna access some of the tightest spaces, then the DeWalt DCS387P1 Max is perfect for you. The recip saw is not only lightweight, but the 14.5 inch length enables it to cut through confined spaces.

Its clamp features the 4-position capability (cuts in all directions), which makes cutting efficient and so much easier.

Other than its capability to access tighter spaces, it comes as a 20-Volt, which makes things much better especially that it’s a cordless recip saw. Having more power is always a great investment.

Our cordless reciprocating saw reviews team of experts also loved its in-built LED light, which enhances visibility in dark areas. And yeah, we were heads over heels with its pivoting shoe - which helps you work smarter and faster since you can always position the shoe at an angle.

You can also extend the shoe to avoid cutting too deep.

What We Loved

  • Very lightweight with an ergonomic design
  • Features a variable speed trigger
  • Has a fast cutting speed
  • 4-position blading offers flush-cutting
  • Cuts confined spaces
  • Sturdy design keeps chatter down
  • Long-lasting 20V battery

What Could Be Better

  • Expect more vibrations due to its lightweight stature and fast cutting speeds

4.  Bosch RS7 Corded Reciprocating Saw

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models ComparedBest Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models Compared

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This best corded reciprocating saw is meant for all kinds of uses, whether it is a demolition, orchard pruning, or slicing heavy cast iron. This is attributed to its 10-piece blade set, which is augmented by a powerful 11-Amp motor that’s strong enough to operate the blades.

The blades can basically cut through any material. The 10-piece set is part of Bosch’s innovation that’s meant to make sure your precision is indisputable.

The Bosch RS7 + RAP10PK Reciprocating Saw and 10-Piece Blade Set have thick blades that are part of the innovation path to give you precise cutting for metal and wood.

Better yet, the Bosch + RAP10PK Saw has been manufactured with efficiency in mind, whereby they’ve incorporated tooth technologies on its blades. This ensures accurate cuts.

Despite its power, Bosch RS7 11-Amp Recip Saw is very lightweight and holds just fine in your hand, making it much easier to control your sawing. Its compact design makes it possible to hold it still to guarantee precision.

In essence, this is a Bosch product, and so you don’t have to worry about quality and longevity. You also don’t have to fret whenever you’ve got issues with the product, for the customer care is amazingly fast at sorting you out.

It also comes with a dual LED lighting mechanism, which always illuminates your workpiece. And with a tool-less blade changing system, the Bosch RS7 Saw doesn't waste your time by facilitating a speedy blade installation and removal.

What We Loved

  • Comes with a long blade for faster and in-depth cuts
  • Makes 2700 strokes per minutes
  • A powerful 11-Amp motor helps blades to cut through anything
  • Features a variable-speed trigger, for a safe start when cutting thin materials
  • Meant to cut through a myriad of materials, thus perfect for demos
  • Vibration is fairly stable 
  • Includes a dual LED for workpiece’s illumination

What Could Be Better

  • The LED lighting isn’t that bright when working in very dark places; however, you can always get a [amazon link="B004I1KCGO" title="Bosch flashlight " /] for brighter cutting

5.  Dewalt Dwe305 12 amp Corded Reciprocating Saw

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models ComparedBest Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models Compared

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If battery-operated recip saws aren’t your cup of tea, then you’ll better opt for this 12-Amp DeWalt Saw. It’s a really powerful tool and it’s perfect if you’d like long hours without worrying about being cut mid-work to recharge batteries.

What’s not new is that the DWE305 recip saw can power through any material – such as nail-embedded woods, drywall, plastics, fiberglass, and heavy-gauge metals.

Although its frame looks small-sized, you’ll be fooled to think that it can’t handle heavy-duty tasks. With the 2900 SPM, you get enough power for demos and constructions.

Whether you’re an expert or a novice on recip saws, you’ll love its capability to install blades in 4 different positions (up, down, right or left). And this makes things easier for you, since you can maintain your hand’s natural position.

The DeWalt 12-Amp features a shoe that’s been designed to better hold the blade so that it doesn’t vibrate a lot.

Another amazing feature is the adjustable speed trigger, whereby you can slowly increase the saw’s speed from slow to fast. This is useful when cutting different types of materials.

The speed adjustability also depends on the task at hand. For instance, in case you’re dealing with masonry, a higher speed would be applicable. Same applies for cutting thin trees, where a low speed option is required.

When holding it, the DeWalt DWE305 has a rubbery grip, making it comfortable to use. The best thing about this is that the rubber-like grip helps in absorbing any exaggerated vibrations to avoid fatigue.

Additional to the 12-Amp power and 2900 SPM, this corded DeWalt saw has a 1 ⅛ stroke power, which gives the recip saw combative yet quick cuts, especially for hefty tasks.

Being a corded recip saw, the DeWalt DWE305 guarantees long hours of work, hence promising productivity.

What We Loved

  • 12-Amp motor helps with heavy-duty applications
  • The 4-blade positions allows for flush-cuts and increased versatility
  • Has a keyless blade-changing system, which is faster
  • 2900 SPM makes it one of the most efficient saws in the game
  • Features a variable speed trigger that allows you to control speed
  • Rubberized handle is comfortable

What Could Be Better

  • Its shoe design is effective but may also block your sightline
  • List Element

6.  Makita Recipro Saw JR3050T

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models ComparedBest Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models Compared

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It’s not common to see a recip saw installed with a dust blower. And so, this is something really unique, making it perfect for situations where debris or dust is common. This also improves your accuracy.

Although the Makita 11 Amp saw looks somewhat huge in size, it is a very lightweight tool. Weighing just 7.8 pounds (inclusive of the cord), the recip saw is easier to carry around. Also, it has a nice, light blue casing.

When carrying out a demolition, its compact size curbs the vibrating power and guarantees a smooth cutting process. Once again, this augments precision.

Ideally, the Makita JR3050T is designed to improve on accuracy as much as possible. Expert woodworkers prefer this best reciprocating saw over several other options due to its accuracy.

If you think the dust blower and its lightweight is enough for improved precision, you’re probably wrong. This Makita product comes with a heavy-duty shoe that’s adjustable for easy use.

What’s unique about the shoe is that you get to unlock it with a red switch towards the front, thus making it a simple yet very effective design. More to that, its blade-changing system is tool-less, for you don’t waste time interchanging saws.

Another unique feature is its front handle, which is both comfortable to hold and manageable. Even small hands can have a great hold of it - thanks to the rubber material on both handles.

Better yet, the Makita JR3050T 11-Amp saw offers a firm grip on its handle, which features a two-finger trigger. This is a really great feature because whenever you feel fatigued by one finger, you can give it a rest and use another finger.

When it comes to longevity, this effective Makita recip saw comes engineered with both ball and needle bearings to increase its tool life. Its body design has protective rubber that seals the motor, hence preventing bearings from dust.

Overall, the Makita JR3050T is both powerful and versatile, in terms of its unique features. It makes sure you’ve got both accuracy and longevity from it. And yeah, its dust blower feature blows other recip saws out of the park!

What We Loved

  • An effective shoe and tool-less blade changing system
  • Amazing dust blower feature
  • Balls and needle bearings help extend longevity
  • Brushes are externally accessible, for easier maintenance
  • Includes a plastic casing for carrying it around
  • Vibration control ensures great precision
  • Lightweight with a  compact design
  • Cuts clean and smooth, hence ideal for both demos and precision cuttings

What Could Be Better

  • Quality of the blade lock can be improved
  • Lacks orbital action, but it's just as powerful

7.  PORTER-CABLE PCC670B 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models ComparedBest Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models Compared

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If huge, large-sized tools aren’t something you prefer, then the Porter PCC670B is exactly what you need. It is actually a perfect recip saw if you’d like a combination of power and lightweightness, which is a rare feat.

Its body is not only compact but looks really adolescent; however, don’t be fooled, coz this baby can do just about anything, from cutting down trees to carrying out any form of demolition.

The best thing about it is that you can access any small and tight spaces. It is so small that it fits perfect in both your hands.

The Porter-Cable 20V is also an effective recip saw because of its tool-less blade changing system. And its adjustable shoe makes it easier to change the blades fast.

The PCC670B also features a powerful motor that comes along with a variable speed trigger, which can control its 3000 SPM.

The upside of being a lightweight reciprocating tool is that you get to use the Porter-Cable for many hours without getting fatigued. At just 3.7 lbs, this is a great tool for any type of cutting job you may need to complete.

Also, its long-hours of use is attributed to the 20V lithium battery, which offers long run time. The battery provides constant supply of power, thanks to the lower self-discharge capability - which is a very unique feature compared to most batteries.

Better yet, the recip saw comes with high-quality connectors meant to avoid power disruptions. And yes, its charger needs only 20 minutes to charge the battery to max.

What we loved about the charger is that you get to monitor the amount of charge going into the battery, as well as monitor its temperature. And it comes with an inbuilt fan to regulate the temperature.

It’s amazing how all these features are found in this miniature-like recip saw. I mean, you get more than what you’ve paid for.

What We Loved

  • Very powerful tool due to the 20V + 3000 SPM
  • Has a compact design thus holding perfectly in your hands
  • Features a tool-free blade release
  • Has a small stature for easy access to tight spaces
  • Battery only requires 20 minutes to charge to max
  • Has high-quality connectors meant to avoid power disruptions
  • Very lightweight thus you get to work for long hours without fatigue
  • Also features a variable speed trigger

What Could Be Better

  • Being cordless and small-statured, it won’t handle some huge demo tasks
  • A few complaints on battery life

8.  Ryobi P517 Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models ComparedBest Reciprocating Saw Reviews – 2022’s Top Models Compared

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Right out of the gate, this tool is very smooth. You don’t have to worry about vibrations, and it’s a perfect fit for maintenance crews as well as occasional users.

The fact that it’s a brushless tool, you are guaranteed higher efficiency. This is because there aren’t any brushes, which basically means there are no physical contacts between the saw’s armature and the rotor. This way, the motor generates much less heat, mainly because of less power being lost to friction.

Combine this feature with the Anti-Vibration handle, and you’ve got a very effective tool in Ryobi P517.

That is, the anti-vibration feature enables you to lean against whichever material you’re cutting and it’ll still keep you from getting any bone cysts and loss of sensation on your fingers.

The saw’s blade-changing system is tool-less. And even though this isn’t surprising and maybe even not unique, per se, the shoe comes adjustable whereby you can make simple and quick adjustments whenever you’re changing blades. 

As experts, what we loved the most about the Ryobi P517 is the fact that its battery lasts really long. And more importantly, its charging is equally fast, and so you don’t wait long before you’re back making cuts.

A little advice though, get two [amazon link="B00HQXSW4K" title="Ryobi 18V lithium batteries" /]. This way, you get to use one of the batteries whilst charging the other.

The Ryobi P517 is a powerful reciprocating saw. Its SPM maximizes at 3200 with a 1⅛ stroke length. If there’s something very different about this saw is that its motor engages immediately when the trigger is pulled. That is, its reaction is really fast; nonetheless, the trigger is still variable.

You’ll also love its amazing handle design, which features the firm’s Gripzone microtextured overmolding. This makes the handle very comfortable, and compared to traditional recip saw handles, this is noticeably more form fitting.

What We Loved

  • Anti-Vibration feature offers smooth operation
  • Brushless for efficiency and improved maintenance
  • Battery charges faster
  • Shoe is adjustable and the saw also comes as a tool-less blade changing system
  • SPM peaking at 3200 is amazingly good, thus making it a powerful tool
  • Variable speed triggers react really fast for enhanced efficacy
  • Fairly lightweight recip saw

What Could Be Better

  • Has a slow cutting speed compared to most Pro-level saw. Well, I guess this is a trade-off with the anti-vibration feature.

Things to Consider When Buying a Best Reciprocating Saw

With improved technology, reciprocating saws have significantly morphed into some of the most effective tools. This is a huge upside for anyone looking to do a demolition, trim down trees or cut nails off woods.

The downside of having a slew of saws is picking the right choice. I mean, you’ll find lots of best reciprocating saw reviews, but few will guide you exactly on which saw to go with.

And for guidance, here are a few factors and questions to ask yourself before you make any purchase.

  • What’s the Saw’s Power?

As a rule of thumb, you’ll have to opt for a recip saw that’s powerful enough to handle whichever task you’ve got. And how do you check a saw’s power capability? Well, you gotta look at its motor.

Always go with power that’s 11-Amp and above. Anything less than that isn’t as powerful. However, this advice is applicable if you’re into a powerful recip saw, which depends on the kind of tasks you’ll be handling.

I mean, in some cases, there are recip saws that are powerful but they’ll be vibrating a lot. Therefore, compare different saws to find which has more power yet less vibrating.

As for those that emit little vibrations, the possibility is that they’ll be less powerful. So, take that into consideration. 

  • How Much Does It Vibrate?

If you’re the kind of person who wouldn’t want the aftermath of vibrating effects, then you better opt for a best sawzall that comes with an Anti-Vibrating feature. However, as expected, you may have trade-off power.

If your frequent uses with the recip saw won’t demand strong materials, then you’ll be fine. 

  • Does It Offer Adjustable & Variable Speeds? 

A best reciprocating saw that lacks adjustable speeds is a huge put off to most people. But then again, it’s rare finding a tool that doesn’t offer this feature.

Now, the difference comes in how the recip saw feels like when adjusting the speed. Some tools may not be effective enough compared to others - in terms of reaction to the first press of the trigger. 

You want a variable speed that feels ‘comfortable’ to adjust from one speed level to another.

  • What’s The Blade Change Like? 

You need to find out if the blade comes as an adjustable one or not. You wouldn't wanna bark up the wrong tree, would you? Always confirm that the blade-changing system is “tool-less” meaning that it doesn’t require any tool to change the blade.

Always opt for a system that’s automatic, or has a switch to make any blade changes. I mean, you wanna work as fast as possible, and an extra tool would delay your cutting processes.

This factor on blade changing shouldn’t be a problem coz most modern reciprocating saws come with keyless mechanisms, which speed up the process of changing blades.

  • What About Ergonomics? Is It Lightweight? 

A saw’s ergonomics is very important, and so is its weight. These go hand in hand. That is, once a recip saw has a small-sized compact shape, it’s highly probable that it’s lightweight. And that’s something you gotta go with.

  • The same applies for a larger-sized sawzall.

Nonetheless, you’ll want something that’s not only light in weight, but also a tool that fits right into your hands. Therefore, always check out various reciprocating saws reviews to find out what users are saying about its ergonomics.

Final Verdict

Well, as you’ve seen with the aforementioned recip saws, they are different in their own ways. For most of them, it’s like comparing apples and oranges - very diverse in their applicability and in terms of features.

Nevertheless, they all function the same way, and have the same goals, which is to cut various materials - wood, metal, plastics, etc. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you need, and what you can trade off, considering what you might find easy to handle or not.

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